Troubadour 77 launched their inaugural TrouBeliever Fest in August, 2018.  It is quickly becoming the premiere singer-songwriter based festival in the nation and featured Americana troubadours Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell, Shawn Colvin, Sammy Brue, T77 and a slew of award-winning songwriters.  Check out all the highlights here!


Troubadour 77 performs "Drive" from their "Selma Avenue" album at the Labor Day "Blues Brews & BBQ Festival" at Snowbasin Resort
(September , 2017)

Troubadour 77 (aka T77) is a band that takes its musical, lyrical, sonic and production cues from the great singer-songwriter based bands of the 1970's.  The song "Open Home" was written by founding band member Anna Wilson, and is a haunting and thoughtful take on the historical course of immigration in America.  It views our situation today through the lens of how our cultures interacted in ages past.  It is a powerful commentary on the current position we find ourselves in.

Anna Wilson (Piano, Lead and Background Vocals)

Monty Powell - (Electric Guitars, Bass, Drums, Background Vocals)

Austin Weyand - (Nylon String Guitar)

Mixed & Mastered by Monty Powell

Music & Lyrics by Anna Wilson

Copyright 2016 Jazz Birdie Music (SESAC) [administered by Selma Avenue Music (SESAC)].

Copyright 2016 Transfer Records, LLC.  All Rights Reserved.

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