1 day ago

"This Song is a Gun" Episode

T77 Tuesdays is back with a commentary on "I Got A Gun", the focus track from our new EP that is available digitally everywhere!

This song is a gun, and it's words are the bullets. It sings out in defense against terrorist attacks that seem to be penetrating our humanity, gun violence of any sort, and it is a stand against lawmakers who refuse to protect citizens by passing stronger gun control laws. The lyrics state, "Put your hands up," which is a call to action to all the perpetrators to surrender to the power of the written words of truth. This is a song infused with hope that good will win over evil. It is the 2nd ammendment in action via words not bullets. As its lyric states, this song gives everyone "the right to bear arms of love and peace and pledge allegiance to the dream of killin' the plight for every time it's black and white and blue, you'll hear my sonic boom across the wire."