Selma Avenue is a little street just off Hollywood Boulevard where a great independent publishing house and recording studio used to be. It was known as Criterion Music Corporation, and its doors opened in 1950 with Mickey Goldsen at the helm. For over 60 years the torch of discovering and finding great talent burned bright under the guidance of both Mickey and his son Bo Goldsen, as so many troubadours walked through the doors of that Selma Avenue recording studio. During the last five years that the company was in business, it was forced to sell the building. It was immediately bulldozed and the area re-purposed. However, the sacred ground that was the foundation of that special place, just like the songs, will always remain. Criterion and its Selma Avenue recording studio was a house of dreams for many artists, including members of Troubadour 77, and its legacy will live forever in the songs that were carved there.



Troubadour 77, aka T77, is boldly leading the charge and taking fans back to the Rock n’ Roll, California Country and Singer-Songwriter roots of the 1970s. The band is the brainchild of Grammy award-winning singer-songwriters, Anna Wilson (Piano) and Monty Powell (Electric Guitar). Not unlike the Buckingham-Nicks alliance, Wilson and Powell have been married for 16 years, making music together as artists, songwriters and producers in Nashville. Collectively they have written a dozen #1 songs and countless album cuts that appear on over 70 million records and have co-produced unique special projects together that pay tribute to The Eagles, Billy Joel and the Countrypolitan era of music. In a strange twist of fate, the band hails from Salt Lake City where Wilson & Powell are joined by bandmates, Austin and Kassie Weyand and Nathan Chappell. Make room on you playlist. for Troubadour 77... "New Music with a Classic Sound."
Troubadour77Friday, May 10th, 2019 at 6:52pm
Our good friend, Scarlet Keys who is a guru songwriting professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston just agreed to join us at TrouBeliever Fest and conduct one of her amazing workshops. She will also be on hand to sign her new book that you can get at Amazon or at the fest. Here's hoping she will grace us with a song at the T-Fest Acoustic Cafe!


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